Principle #6 – Move to Action!

Everyone deals with a disaster differently. Some people are frustrated and fearful. Many are hoarding food and paper products. Psychologists tell us this is driven by panic. We feel like we have lost control. We buy what other people are buying because we don’t know what else to do.

In a time of crisis, we tend to focus on the negative. We see the wrongs, not the rights. It really makes me sad because we are so much better than this. It’s affecting us all. But you know…we got this…let’s pull together!

Now’s not the time to take notice of what’s wrong in our cities and schools. It’s not time to wonder why schools are feeding kids. It’s not time to complain about people hoarding hand sanitizer and selling them for a higher profit.

Let’s talk about what’s right. We’re working together at the state and city levels. The children are being fed, who cares by whom? Neighbors are helping neighbors. People are stepping up to show compassion for people that feel unsettled and scared. We are bonding together by offering groceries, encouragement, and support.

Yes, there are flaws in the system, but the thing to remember is, we are overcoming them. Yes, we have people taking advantage of the situation, but most people aren’t.

“There’s a way in which fear can be one of two things—the great divider or the great gatherer. What is the most compassionate, most community-building, the most loving thing right now when everyone is afraid? I think we have an opportunity where we can be great gatherers.”
– Sonya Renee Taylor, author, humanitarian and social justice activist

Making sure people are taken care of is the top priority. Think of the positive impact of people coming together in unity amid a national crisis. Be patient with yourself and others while we are finding our way. We will always be stronger together!

You can help by sharing your positive stories on social media. The more positive impact we can share will warm hearts when we need it most!

Freedom is possible!


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