Have you ever felt disconnected from who you really are because of your outside obligations or someone’s expectations?

Maybe you feel trapped because you’ve lost a sense of purpose in your life. Let me assure you, you’re not alone, I’ve been there myself!

In today’s complicated world with so many choices, it’s easy to find our lives taken over by the “shoulds” of how things ought to be instead of feeling a sense of freedom in who we are meant to be. Maybe you’re always “on call” 24/7 and it makes you feel like you never have time to spend with your family. Or you are feeling tired all the time and feel that you should suck it up and get over it.

I want you to know that there’s a way out of these “shoulds” and there are principles that can help you find your way.


“I believe WHO you are is BIGGER than WHAT you do.”

In 2003 a mysterious illness changed the course of my life and it literally knocked me to my knees. I was forced to give up my corporate project managing career that looked successful on the outside, but was killing me. It took a health crisis to wake me up to the fact I wasn’t listening to the small voice inside of me that was calling my heart to a different place–a different way of being. It was a voice that called me away from the rat race and toward a life of freedom. That voice beckoned me to Costa Rica where I attended the United Nations-affiliated, University for Peace where I studied for a year with a diverse group of individuals hailing from thirty-seven countries and earned my master’s in International Peace and Conflict Studies.

During my year living in the jungles of Costa Rica, my world expanded. I began to think above and beyond the bottom line and consider how my actions–and others–impacted the lives of not only my immediate circle of family and friends, but the greater world. I also saw how my former way of being affected my own health and well-being.

“You are not your circumstance, you are bigger than that. There is freedom in living the life you were meant to live”

– Cindy Henson

Perhaps the biggest epiphany I had was when I discovered that my life and my career weren’t being done to me. I had a choice and it was up to me to create a new way of being. I was no longer reacting to life’s events–whether those from my difficult childhood, the stresses of the corporate jungle, or even my illness.

In March 2018, I turned sixty and published my book, Jungle: a Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom.  I have chosen to continue working because I love what I do. I can’t imagine retiring because I’m living and working in a realm of my purpose and passion, and you can too. My life is fuller and more meaningful than ever, and I no longer drive myself into the ground meeting the expectations that others place upon me. In fact, I don’t have relationships that even fit that scenario. Instead, having risen from the ashes of the crisis of my own making, I’m soaring to new heights and have created this website with the intention of providing the insight and tools for you to fly toward your own best life too.

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Freedom is possible!

Much love, 


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