“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”


All of us wish for a real sense of freedom in our lives – the freedom to choose for oneself, the freedom to express ourselves openly, the freedom to be who we truly are. And yet, so many of us feel trapped, alone in our anguish, and imprisoned by our circumstances. 

There must be a better way– a new way forward. 

Experiencing a sense of being held captive by our own lives is what I call being lost in the jungle. It’s a place where the trees are so dense and the foliage is so thick that a way forward is difficult to imagine, let alone find.
















Love, joy, and a sense of belonging–which are key ingredients in the recipe for freedom–are as possible for you as they are for me. To achieve them one must make a choice to shift the way one thinks. With a little bit of faith in the possibility that freedom is attainable in both your life and work, some space will open up to try out a new way of being. I call these new ways of being the Seven Principles of Freedom.

The 7 Principles, which I share in my book, as well as a companion workbook which is available as a free download at the bottom of this page, can serve as touchstones on your own personal journey to freedom.

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An Overview of the 7 Principles of Freedom

1. Tap into your fun quotient!

There is so much fun and joy to be had in your life. Approaching situations and opportunities positively creates a fun-loving attitude. Think about a time that you had fun working through an issue. How can you put a spin of fun on a current situation that you are working through? You’ll be amazed how the outcome has a more positive conclusion.

So, have fun!

2. Resolve past issues and release your brain power!

We all have been affected by past issues that don’t seem to go away. They rear their ugly heads and control our reactions in certain situations. Maybe you’ve been wronged and are holding on to grudges. It’s time for forgiving and resolving these past issues. Take time to reflect and look into your heart and find the compassion to forgive and let go. They’ve been controlling you too long.

3. Discover what juices you – and pursue it!

You too can find your passion. What kind of activities do you love to do? What makes you laugh? What makes you want to dance down the hallway? What gives you energy? Everyone gets caught up in things that we don’t like to do but have to. Learn when to say “no” instead of “yes”. You can also learn how to accomplish unpleasant tasks by weaving in your own personality and style.

4. Activate your learning gene!

There is much to learn! Think of all the possibilities when we learn something new! Many new ideas can improve all aspects of our life-our mindset, health, relationships, the list continues. Open yourself up to learning new ideas from reading a great article or having a discussion with someone.

“Knowledge and wisdom are not meant to be hoarded. They are to be shared. It’s time to pay it forward and share your gifts with the world. Your legacy isn’t about the wealth acquired, but the wisdom that you can pass on to the generations looking for you to be the leader you truly are when you shine your light in the world.”

5. See your colleagues bigger than they see themselves

See the best in others. It’s as simple as that! We can all learn this lesson. Step outside of your comfort zone and praise and encourage the people around you. Tell them how you appreciate them. It sounds so simple but it can be a hard thing to do. We tend to take people for granted. Voicing your appreciation for someone makes them feel valued and it also fills your own heart.

6. Move to ACTION!

Now is the time to activate your passion. It’s time to follow your dream! The way may not be clear, so start with baby steps. As your journey unfolds the next steps will emerge. Follow your dream to greatness!

7. Choose to be UNSTOPPABLE!

There will be obstacles that will get in the way as you move through your journey. Think of these as a way to rethink the path that you are on. Maybe they are leading you to try a different direction. Keep following your journey and don’t give up! Enjoy and learn along the way to finding freedom! Freedom is possible!

“Stepping outside of our comfort zone is necessary to grow and we can do that safely with daily disciplines and rituals that make us feel “at home”. Instead of white-knuckling your way through change, consider looking at new situations as an opportunity for adventure.”

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