Principle #7 – Choose to Be Unstoppable with Virtual Learning

Children touch my heart very deeply. We are getting children back into the swing of school, in-person or virtually. My wish is for all students to be safe while getting the best education and experiences they deserve.

I want to share my experience with virtual learning. My grandson is in third grade this year. He’s having a difficult time focusing on schoolwork while at home. I’ve created his own “study zone” in my bedroom…away from distractions of the TV, toys, and other activities within the household. He loves his school corner!

The study zone has helped with his concentration, but there are other challenges. Technology!!! We all love electronics, and most of the time, they work great. But sometimes…ugh! We are learning multiplication and division and have to create groups using a text box or writing tools for our answers. Have you ever used a writing tool to create groups in a teeny tiny workspace? It’s hard for me and even harder for my grandson.

That’s not the worst of it. We are also facing software glitches. Math problems won’t load on the computer, and quiz answers won’t submit. Really??? I’m computer savvy, have a laptop available for virtual learning, and have high-speed internet. Even with all of these tools, it can be difficult and frustrating.

I can’t even imagine what other parents and grandparents are going through. Not everyone has experience with technology, or have a laptop, or access to the internet. It’s tough to be a working parent and have the task of helping with the school duties. Some parents are working at home and can help their children with their schoolwork during the day. But some parents work outside the home and don’t have this flexibility. We want a good education for our children, and we want them to be healthy and safe. These are a few of the struggles with virtual school instruction. Not to mention children that need in-person speech and occupational therapy.

Most districts across the nation are starting their school year with virtual learning for the first nine weeks of school. How can all school districts meet the needs of every student? What a daunting task! We must remember that virtual learning isn’t only about us and how it affects our lives. It’s about our children, teachers, and school staff too! It takes participation and patience from all of us.

My district is supplying a laptop or iPad to students who need them and strategically placing buses as technology hotspots in the economically disadvantaged areas. Several civic groups and childcare facilities are opening their doors to help with virtual learning while parents work outside the home. Teachers are creating a live instruction schedule to provide a classroom experience for the students, which will free up parent’s time from teaching.

While virtual learning may be challenging, it’s rewarding as well. I enjoy seeing what my grandson is learning in school. I’m able to spend one on one time with him. We learn, laugh, and yes, sometimes fuss with each other, but the quality of time together is absolutely priceless. I’m a grateful Mammy!

“No school can work well for children if parents and teachers do not act in partnership on behalf of the children’s best interests” – Dorothy H Cohen

Kudos to district administrators and teachers for working together to create the best instruction plan for their districts while keeping students and staff healthy and safe. And kudos to the parents for teaming up with teachers to help your children with school instruction. It’s a tough job! I know it’s not what we really want to do. We’re not perfect. We just do the best we can because we love our children and we want them to be safe. I encourage all of us to be patient with each other as we figure this out…together. One day at a time! Remember that memories, good or not so much, last a lifetime. Let’s make the most of it! Be creative and have fun! Have a great school year!

Freedom is possible!


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