We are back in San Diego, at least for a week! Woohoo!!! We are preparing for our trip to Africa, getting vaccines, and packing. After our international trips to Africa and Poland in December, we will officially move back home. While it’s been fun traveling around the United States for the last two years, I admit it will be great to be home. I will welcome the space to move around and not get in each other’s way…but the best will be having a bathtub!

After we get settled back home, we’ll catch up with friends and family and participate in all the fun things San Diego has to offer. We all know…I’m all about having fun! As we move forward in life, one door closes, and another one opens. I’m fully retired and have a new purpose, helping displaced Ukrainian families settle into a new life. I think they have helped me, as much as I have helped them. I’m passionate about the work of the Ukraine Relief Initiative. I want to spread the message about the struggles and strength of Ukrainian families. If you have a group, club, or organization that wishes to get involved in humanitarian efforts, please reach out to me. I would love to talk to you and your organization. Please contact me through this link, https://cindyhenson.online/cindy-contact/.

Ukraine Relief Initiative (URI) has been operating for six months. We have affected thousands of displaced Ukrainians that have relocated to Kraków. Together with our on-the-ground partner, Kraków Dębniki for Ukraine (KDU), we have offered much-needed services to help the trauma of Ukrainian women and children. We want to raise $200K to fund the two Community Centers for another six months, so we can continue offering these life-saving services. If you are so moved, please assist with a donation. Contribution methods are at the end of this email. URI + KDU: “1 + 1 = 1,000”

“Relieve the crisis. Thoughtfully. With Discipline and heart. Now.”

There are changes at the Świetlica Dębniki Community Center. School has started in the Dębniki district. In preparation for school, a class was offered to five- and six-year-old children to help them prepare for school. It may be a little quiet with the school-aged children back in school, but the community center has its share of classes too. A Kindergarten class is in session for three and four-year-olds, and a new early childhood development class is offered for children 7-15 months old. Ukrainian women are also in school. New sessions of Polish language classes have started. And two sessions of Pilates are offered for women to get physically fit. Moms drop their children off at daycare and connect with other moms.

Meanwhile, at the Fundacja Let’s Help Together psychotherapy/women’s center, individual, group, and children’s art therapy sessions help heal Ukrainian women and children’s hearts and mental health.

Fun Autumn activity during kindergarten class.

Putting puzzles together in Early Child Development class.


Classes and activities are happening daily at these centers that help Ukrainian families feel connected to their new community. I’m proud to be a part of the team to bring them help and happiness. These families have been through so much, but together, we can give them joy. Won’t you join me by helping us fund these centers? Thank you so much.

We appreciate your friendship, love, and support. And thank you for being a part of our circle of love. Be positive and stay safe. Hope for peace for Ukraine!

Freedom is possible!

Much love,
Cindy and Dana

P.S. I’m happy to announce that my team is working on getting the Ukrainian newsletter updates on my website, https://cindyhenson.online/blog /. The current newsletters are posted, and the older ones are coming soon. Please check them out if you are interested in following our journey from the beginning. Thanks for your love and support!



These contributions are tax-deductible through HCC, our registered 501(c)(3) pass-through charity.

Make your check payable to **Hispanic Community Council** (VERY IMPORTANT: not to Ukraine Relief Initiative). After you write your check to the Hispanic Community Council, please mail your check to:

Ukrainian Relief Initiative
c/o Gladys Archer
115 Main Ave
Warren, PA 16365

Please indicate “Ukrainian Relief Initiative” in the check memo and include a note with your contact info (address, phone, email). * See the footnote at the bottom for details on the Hispanic Community Council.

Use this link: https://www.paypal.me/UkraineReliefInitiat. PayPal goes through Gladys Archer, serving as a liaison between the “Ukraine Relief Initiative” and “Hispanic Community Council,” our 501(c)3 pass-through organization.

In the memo, please include your name, address, phone #, and email so we can process your tax receipt.

Venmo directly to my personal account now, and I’ll ensure your funds get where they need to be. Make sure to indicate “Ukraine Relief Initiative” in the transfer. Please give me your contact info (phone, email, address). You can Venmo directly to me:

Click this link, https://account.venmo.com/u/Cynthia-Henson-12.


* In light of the emergency needs in Poland/Ukraine and the excessively long lead time of months or even years to establish a new charity in the US, the Hispanic Community Council of Chautauqua County (HCC), a local 501(c)(3) charity in the Warren-Jamestown area, has generously stepped forward, slashed the red tape, and agreed to act as the passthrough charity to process payments and issue tax receipts for our Ukraine Relief Initiative, consistent with their broad charitable mandate relating to international community engagement.  HCC is not charging our initiative one single penny to act as our passthrough charity. 100% of your contributions sent to HCC and earmarked for the Ukrainian Relief Initiative will go directly towards our mission of relieving the Ukrainian refugee crisis.

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