Principle #3 – Discover what juices you-and pursue it!

We’ve been at home for at least four weeks. Have you taken the time to reflect on how you’ve been living your life? What have you learned about yourself? Have you discovered a new passion? What about your purpose?

“Without reflection, we go blindly on our way.”
– Margaret J. Wheatley

I’ve been working in my garden, and I crocheted a blanket and finished two diamond painting pictures during my downtime. I’m passionate about making things beautiful. So, I enjoy digging in the garden and planting flowers, mowing the yard, painting a bedroom, and tiling a backsplash…whatever I can do to make something beautiful.

I started writing blogs last fall. What I’ve discovered is my writing is evolving. Like you, since the pandemic, my emotions have been on a rollercoaster. Because of this, I’ve been able to put more feelings into my blogs. Writing what’s in my heart has really helped me cope during this time of uncertainty. I’ve learned while homeschooling my grandson, that I have more patience than I thought I did. And I also know, now, that I need quiet time for me to feel re-centered and re-energized. I often visit and

Take advantage of the time that’s been forced on us and do some deep dive thinking. You might discover that you want to do something different with your life. Maybe you want to start a new business. Or maybe you’ve found a new passion that you enjoy. Has your purpose changed? Re-connecting with yourself through self-reflection may help answer these questions.

“Your purpose is about discovering and nurturing who you truly are, to know and love yourself at the deepest level and to guide yourself back home when you lose your way. That’s it. Everything else is your burning passion, your inspired mission, your job, your love-fueled hobby, etc. Those things are powerful and essential, but they’re not your purpose. Your purpose is much bigger than that.” – Kris Carr, author and cancer survivor

This global disease has affected each of us differently. After seeing the devastation, my priorities have changed, and I have a greater appreciation for life. Our lives are too short, and we all have our life purpose to fulfill. I believe we should do what we enjoy, and we should continue to reach out and help each other.

There’s no going back to the old “normal” … what will your new “normal” be?

Freedom is possible!


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