Principle #2 – Resolve and Forgive Past Issues and Release Your Brain Power

I’ve been reflecting on the last three or four months. Watching the presidential rallies and debates was hard, and I wanted to learn about the candidates and policies for our country’s future. It was a negative campaign, to say the least. The name-calling and false information coming from the White House was terrible. As the election was getting closer, the stress and anxiety were getting worse for me.

It was a relief when the election was over, but the stress continued while the ballots were being counted. I’m so impressed with all the election officials and election workers. They did a phenomenal job in the face of negative rhetoric. Thank you for your tireless and meticulous efforts to count the millions of ballots that were cast.

I was watching the election results on CNN, and Anderson Cooper said something derogatory about our president. Everyone laughed, and I did too. I didn’t give it another thought. The following day Anderson apologized for his behavior, and he said that it’s not the type of person he wants to be. I applaud the courage it took for him to apologize on air. Wow, a lightbulb went off in my head, and I began thinking about my own behavior. Is this how I have acted recently? Is this what the name-calling and negative rhetoric can do to people? How did I get sucked into the darkness?

I’ve fallen into the darkness, and I’ve said things that I usually don’t say. And I have to say, I’m not really proud of myself. This year has challenged me and my own values of who I am. When we see bad behavior from our leaders, it doesn’t make it okay to act the same way. Because bad behavior is still bad behavior.

Negative thoughts and actions challenge the best of us. No one is immune to negative feelings. We try to be kind and live in a positive light, but sometimes we falter. Being aware of this negativity in ourselves is a big step towards redirecting what we do with those feelings. Remember that none of us are perfect. We are bigger than our thoughts and feelings. Forgive yourself for dark thoughts and bad behaviors and start living your best self again.

“Forgiveness does not mean accepting bad and violent behavior. It means using our best efforts to manage our own lives and make the necessary changes to curb this behavior in the future.”
Cindy Henson, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom

Over 71,000,000 American citizens are hurting right now because their candidate/s didn’t get elected. Let’s give them grace while they mourn. We’ve been asked to “turn down the heat” so we can start healing. We’ll be okay so long as we forgive one another and unite.

We’ve heard a lot about voting for the soul of our country. We voted, and it is clear what our values are as a country. We are starting a new chapter in history, and we will have a leader that is compassionate and empathetic. We have hope for unity and positive change. We can help this along, but maybe we need to start with ourselves. Take time for a little soul searching and reconnect with your own values.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind.”
Caroline Myss

Our country will have a better future…we will build back better…and we will have positive changes. Let’s work together and help with this change. We’re always better and stronger together! Love and unity will always win!

Freedom is possible!


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