Principle #6 – Move to Action

The pressures of our lives can be overwhelming, especially when everything happens simultaneously. Things that arise may not be difficult per se; it may just feel like “too much.” But we can relieve the pressure by finding the motivation to take it one step at a time, one task at a time. Just start doing!

I was helping my grandson with his math homework last week, and he noticed a painful spot on his chin. He ran to the bathroom mirror to look, came back, and said, “It’s a pimple, Mammy!” Oh dear…even at nine years old, it’s a problem! I do the invisible eye roll because I just want him to finish his homework, and he’s dawdling. He’s a great dawdler when he doesn’t want to do something, but aren’t we all? So, he’s feeling sorry for himself because he has a pimple, and I’m trying to redirect him back to his homework. He was having none of it. There were only two problems left which would take about two minutes each. Really?

He gets mad at me and tells me, “You have no idea what it’s like to be a kid! I’m under a lot of pressure!” Really…he’s nine…what kind of pressure could he have? I tried to empathize with him, but I was losing my patience. I had to make dinner, get him settled down to eat, then take him to his karate class. Well, he gets pretty mad and puts his head down on the table. I started dinner while he cooled down. Ultimately, we finished his homework, I finished cooking dinner, and we got him to his karate class. Whew!!!

Later that evening, I thought about the pressure a nine-year-old could have. And you know, I realized that everyone has pressure. Yes, even a nine-year-old! We all have different levels of stress. And we have our own set of coping skills to handle these pressures. I felt terrible that I was hung up on cooking dinner instead of being present to help him with his homework. I apologized the following day, and he was okay with his pimple and did his homework without incident.

I learn so much from my grandson every time I’m with him. He’s great at telling me what he needs, even if sometimes it’s in a round-about way. He helps me be more aware of others’ feelings, reactions, and body language. And with this awareness, I’m able to help him and others when I notice their stress.

“Even if people are still very young, they shouldn’t be prevented from saying what they think.”
– Anne Frank

We all have pressure. You know when there’s a lot to do, and more things pop up? The way we handle them is key to getting them off the proverbial plate. Having coping skills is the difference between action and being paralyzed by them. It’s so much easier having a place to start.

Focusing on one thing at a time may help relieve being overwhelmed. You may feel more organized if you make a list. It’s okay to ask for help. Having someone to motivate you is all that’s needed. The key is to not be paralyzed by your pressures. Set priorities and start doing.

“When you focus on just one thing at a time, without rushing or procrastinating, you cultivate a sense of timeless awareness that creates feelings of calm and well-being.” – Deepak Chopra

It may not feel like it, but everything is manageable. Doing one task at a time is a way to relieve the pressure of “too much.” The more you do, the more successful you’ll feel. Celebrate what you’ve accomplished. And understand that it’s okay to not get everything done right now. Give yourself some grace and do the best you can. You got this!

Freedom is possible!


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