Principle #1 – Tap into your joy and create positive opportunities

Dana and I are settled back into our condo and catching up with friends. We lost touch with many friends because we were gone for two years on our Athena journey, not to mention the fear of getting COVID. So, we are catching up with friends we haven’t seen in quite a few years. We are also planning our next international trips. Since I’ve retired, we always have something going on. And to keep everything organized, I keep our schedule on my whiteboard. When friends visit, we give them a tour of our condo, and they make fun of my whiteboard. But everyone knows a whiteboard and sticky notes are just me!

In February, my team and I are changing the newsletter from weekly to bi-weekly. We appreciate your interest and contribution to our work in Kraków because our priority is to keep you updated on our progress. We are making a difference by helping Ukrainian families resettle in their new country. The community center’s services make it a little bit easier for them and bring smiles to their faces. There is nothing better than that!!!

Good friends of mine, Barbara and Kevin Gunning, and I will be hosting a URI/KDU fundraiser in San Diego on Sunday, March 12th, at Koi Zen Winery, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. If you are in the area, we would love to see you. It will be a good time for a good cause! I’ll share more information as time goes on.

The URI and KDU team leaders have exciting news to share with you! The Świetlica Dębniki Community Center is growing. During the last week of December, we learned the space next door to the community center was vacant. We planned on renting space in another building until we found out about the empty space next door. How perfect! Great opportunities present themselves at the ideal time…especially when we help others! Since last summer, we have been at full capacity serving about 1,000 women and children per month. This new space will double the Ukrainians we can serve with our goods, programs, and services. Many volunteers (see below) are helping renovate the new areas with cleaning and painting. I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

I want to give a shout-out to Michał Piasecki. He is the unsung hero of the KDU leadership team. Michał handles all our escapades across the eastern border. In the past ten months, he has made over 20 trips to deliver supplies to our friends in Ukraine. Supplies include baby and adult diapers, psychiatric medication, food, hygiene products, clothing, Legos, crayons, wheelchairs, generators, and the list goes on. He does this when he has a free afternoon and during the weekend because he also has a full-time job and a family. If it wasn’t for Michał and his support for his wife, Olga, there would be no KDU. Thank you, Michał, for your compassion and tireless energy…we try to keep up with you, but it isn’t easy!

Our superhero – Michal Piasecki

Last week I mentioned the current needs in Ukraine. We are purchasing generators and transporting them into Ukraine to help them get through the winter months with the downed power grid. If this speaks to you, the generators are about $1500.00 each and will support several families.

We also just received information from a Ukrainian female Army officer that the 55,000 women soldiers need additional supplies.

Women’s thermal underwear – $16.99

Women’s wool socks (5 pairs) – $13.99

Hand warmers (50-count box) – $18.38

Feminine pads – $10.47

Women’s vitamin packets (30 packets) – $23.33

Protein bars (20 bars) – $16.98

LED flashlights (2-pack) – $9.99

Total – USD 110.13

Can you help relieve the crisis with a donation to help these brave Ukrainian women on the front line? Your gift of $100.00 can help a woman soldier with much-needed supplies for a month. I don’t know how to thank you for your help…I have no words. Their needs and your help have touched me so deeply. Together we can do so much; remember URI + KDU: “1 + 1 = 1,000”. We are one team, one heart, and one world! Please see below for ways to contribute.

“Relieve the crisis. Thoughtfully. With discipline and heart. Now!”

Thank you for your continued love and support in relieving the Ukrainian crisis. I am grateful that you are in my circle of light! Be positive and stay safe. #peaceforukraine #loveforall

Much love from San Diego,

Rainy San Diego!


All contributions are fully tax-deductible through HCC, our registered 501(c)(3) passthrough charity.

Make your check payable to **Hispanic Community Council** – (VERY IMPORTANT: not to Ukraine Relief Initiative) and send it to the following address:

c/o John Kersey
208 Liberty Street
Warren, PA 16365

Please indicate “Ukrainian Relief Initiative” in the check memo and include a note with your contact info (address, phone, email).

Use this link: PayPal goes through the “Hispanic Community Council,” our 501(c)3 passthrough organization.
In the memo, please include your name, address, phone #, and email so we can process your tax receipt.

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