What an adventurous couple of weeks! We had a break from the cold temperatures and pulled out our kayaks. And braved kayaking the water trails in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge in Georgia, looking for birds. What an adventure that was! It was warm and a little breezy. The beautiful weather brought several people out. They were taking pictures and waved as we passed by. The adventure really started when they yelled out, “Have you seen the alligators?” We told them no, and they said there are 13 right there. Yikes!

Dana stopped rowing and got her camera out to take pictures of the many alligators. I stayed in the middle of the water and watched Dana. A breeze came and pushed Dana and her kayak toward an alligator (in the picture above). She was about 10 feet from this massive alligator. We all know that alligators are scary, right? My heart started beating fast, and I yelled to Dana to paddle back to the middle of the water. And in Dana’s very calm way, she told me, the alligators are lethargic because they are cold. Yeah…whatever…maybe they don’t move when they are cold, but I was still pretty nervous for her.

We hear stories about alligators being dangerous, so we fear them. But people that live near alligators don’t fear them at all; they respect them. Dana has a deep connection with all living creatures in nature and has a natural sense of their behavior and space. I admire her ability and I learn so much from her. But gosh…I was scared! We enjoyed our kayaking trip after I moved past my fear of alligators. We stopped looking in the trees for birds and started looking along the banks and were rewarded to see 15 beautiful alligators!

“You hold back only to realize there’s nothing keeping you back, except yourself.”
– Rachel Wolchin, Author

I’ve learned that fear is what holds many of us back from a life we want. When we are afraid of what might happen, we stay stuck. Taking a leap of faith and trusting that we can manage whatever pops up is how we move forward to the life we are meant to live and enjoy the rewards that courage brings. Your whole life is still ahead of you, and there’s a world to explore; what are you waiting for? Overcome your fear and find your adventure! Be positive and stay safe.

Freedom is possible!

Much love,

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