Dana and I finally made it to Africa. Our flight was delayed in Phoenix, so we missed our flight to London. Therefore, we arrived in Namibia a day late. But we were with our good friends and made the best of it! The following day, we went on a sunrise safari and saw giraffes and oryx…see the pictures below.

We visited the Namib-Naukluft National Park and hiked in the dunes. The park is 19,216 square miles and is the largest park in Africa. In the park is the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world. The sand dunes are some of the largest in the world…pictured below. The salt of the dunes attracts wildlife. The dunes look like waves of sand…see the image below. It’s absolutely incredible!

As we travel in Africa, our Ukrainian friends show their appreciation to their Polish neighbors at the Świetlica Dębniki Community Center! They were invited to join our Ukrainian friends at the community center to make stick dumplings and spend time together. They sang Ukrainian songs and enjoyed the atmosphere of unity! Check out the video, https://youtu.be/d-C2mEGkHVA. Famous Polish saying – “z głębi serca przygotowali prezent dla naszych aniołów” – from the bottom of their hearts, they prepared a gift for our angels.

This week in a craft class, women made grasshoppers for the men on the frontline! The horse or grasshopper is one of the Slavs’ oldest and most traditional amulets. The image of the horse is connected to the sun. Brings luck, abundance, light, and warmth into the home. Traditionally, the sun horse is considered a male amulet. Like all amulet dolls, it is done without eyes to avoid penetration into the doll of evil spirits. And without a needle, an amulet doll cannot be stabbed. The grasshopper is given to someone special, wishing to “always be on the horse.” He is the symbol of strength and courage! “Our boys are legends! We are proud of you, our dear ones.” – Świetlica Dębniki Facebook

Ukrainian women made horses/grasshoppers and amulet dolls.


These brave Ukrainian women have endured the trauma of war. They and their children have left their husbands behind and fled from home to another country, yet they spend time giving to others! They are loving and kind when they can be bitter. These are the people we are helping through the partnership of URI and KDU. URI + KDU: “1 + 1 = 1,000”

“Relieve the crisis. Thoughtfully. With Discipline and heart. Now.”

If this speaks to your heart, please join us in keeping these services operating at the community center. They have come so far, but they still need our help. Thank you for bringing love and hope to these Ukrainian families. And thank you for being in my circle of light. Be positive and stay safe. Hope for peace!

Freedom is possible.

Much love,
Cindy and Dana

All contributions are fully tax-deductible through HCC, our registered 501(c)(3) passthrough charity.

Make your check payable to **Hispanic Community Council** – (VERY IMPORTANT: not to Ukraine Relief Initiative) and send it to the following address:

c/o John Kersey
208 Liberty Street
Warren, PA 16365

Please indicate “Ukrainian Relief Initiative” in the check memo and include a note with your contact info (address, phone, email).

Use this link: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=WMYJHS9UVMWY2. PayPal goes through the “Hispanic Community Council,” our 501(c)3 passthrough organization.
In the memo, please include your name, address, phone #, and email so we can process your tax receipt.

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