View of the desert from our campsite outside of Phoenix, AZ

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on our Athena journey! We celebrated my birthday at our dear friends’ house in Tucson. The following day we returned to Phoenix for the Padres Spring Training. We attended four ballgames and ran into a friend from California…of course we did! It was great fun to catch up and watch the games. The return of baseball makes my heart sing!

Cindy’s Birthday Celebration, Tucson, AZ

Padres Spring Training, Phoenix, AZ

We have a routine as we prepare to leave a campground. We’ve created a checklist to ensure we haven’t forgotten anything, and we double-check that Athena is hooked up correctly. We went through this checklist, and I noticed something hanging down under Athena that I’d never seen before. Oh dear!!! We called the manufacturer, and we were informed Athena is out of warranty. We took her to an RV mechanic and were told it looks like the leaf springs are flat and the axles might be bent. The good news is it can be fixed, but it may take at least three weeks to repair, depending on the supplies being in stock.

Dana and I decided to leave Athena in their skillful hands and drive to San Diego. We were planning to go there in a couple of weeks anyway. So, on the bright side, we are safe…this could have happened when we were in the middle of nowhere…and we found a great mechanic. Our hearts are grateful.

We are fortunate to have Dana’s brother open his home to us to stay as long as we need to. We’re catching up with Dana’s family, our friends, and doctor appointments while we figure out what’s wrong with Athena. We are even going to attend six or seven Padres games! Woohoo!

I was a little bummed this past weekend about the turn of events. Dana, the best partner ever, noticed that I was a little down, and we talked it out. We both took a look at our lives. We have a great life and have so much to be grateful for. Dana’s brother is so generous with a place to stay, and we have family and friends to visit while we are in San Diego. We are healthy, and our lives are full of love, generosity, fun, and adventure. We are living our dream!

“Today I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.” – Unknown

Life doesn’t always go our way. There are hiccups along the way that are out of our control. The key is to step back and be flexible. I find that having gratitude for the things that matter can get me through anything. All we have is now, and I will enjoy every day, with whatever life throws my way. Because in the end…it always works out like it’s supposed to. My dear friends, I’m grateful to you for your love and support. And I appreciate you following along on our Athena journey. Stay tuned…I’ll update more soon. Stay positive and be safe. #athenajourney

Freedom is possible!

Much love,

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