Principle #3 – Discover what juices you – and pursue it!

The global pandemic and social unrest have been big issues this year. We’ve learned so much about the virus, so it’s not as scary. But the cases are on the rise again. We know that wearing face masks help control the spread, and we hope we won’t have to move backward by having stay-at-home orders again. We can do this if everyone works together and wears a mask. But the fact remains that people are still sick, and some are dying. It makes my heart ache.

Police brutality has been brought to our attention again. And systemic inequalities are frequently being identified. There have been many people coming together to protest for Black Lives Matter. We have finally started listening and hearing the stories of our African American friends. And we are beginning to understand our personal biases and how we can change our mindset and actions. Changes are being made to policing policies all across our nation, but the work has just begun. I’m hopeful that social inequalities will continue to change for the better. These social injustices that people of color have to continuously endure, also make my heart ache.

So, with all of this going on in our nation, I keep asking myself, is it okay to be happy? I feel guilty when I am happy. I’ve been struggling with this for the last few months. I’m sympathetic to other people’s challenges and empathetic to their suffering. I tend to get stuck with being over empathic, and it paralyzes me. It’s an issue I’m working on, and I have to say, it’s been extremely hard this year.

I believe in the saying; everything happens for a reason. I think things appear in our lives at the right moment. And it’s up to us to have an open heart and mind to see them. So, with that being said, I received an email on Sunday from Brendon Burchard, titled “Is Happiness Even *Allowed* Now?” What a perfect time to receive this email! Brendon Burchard is someone that inspires me, and I respect him and his message.

He said he is hearing from people that want to know if they have a right to be happy during the turmoil of sickness, injustice, racism, anger, hurt, and the uncertain future. This is what he said: “My friend, please allow yourself exactly that. Give yourself the grace, peace, permission, and gift of being happy”. 

We can be concerned about the world and fight for injustices and still be happy. We can have bad days or even a bad week, but we can also be grateful and happy, because of the blessings in our lives. Brendon made a point about Gandhi, Mandela, and Maya Angelou being happy during the many challenges they faced. I’m so grateful that Brendon sent this email exactly when I needed it the most.

“When we feel love and kindness toward others, it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it also helps us develop inner happiness and peace.” – Dalai Lama

Is it okay to be happy when we are surrounded by chaos? YES…absolutely yes! Being happy brings peace and love to our lives. There’s a domino effect when we are happy. We are more effective in giving from our hearts and also giving to the causes that speak to us.

So, be grateful and happy with the blessings in your life. And use your gifts and passions to make a difference in the world. Take care of yourself and each other.

Freedom is possible!


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