Principle #3

Today, more than ever there are so many responsibilities in our life. We support a spouse or partner, take care of children and parents, lead a demanding career and run a household. Whew…. I’m exhausted just thinking about it! That’s a lot of hats!

So, where do you fit in?

Maybe it’s time to step back and evaluate. With your plate overloaded it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. How can you remove responsibilities from your plate? Well…. Let’s prioritize!

What responsibilities can’t be removed and are only yours to do. What can you delegate to someone else? Now this is a tough one….I have a problem with it myself….. What responsibilities can you let go and not do? What would happen if you didn’t sweep the floor or didn’t get that email sent out today? Be honest…will the world stop…, no!  It’s okay to say “no, it’s not getting done today! Today is my day!”

Simplify your life. Learn to say no Anonymous           

So, now that your plate is not as full, what will you do with your extra time? It’s time for you to take care of you! If you take care of you and do what you like, it fills your tank and gives you energy to handle the important responsibilities. Let your passion guide you.

List three things that you enjoy doing. Maybe a trip to the park with your kids, or shopping for a new outfit (ugh, not my favorite), or playing golf with your spouse/partner. Whatever your passion is, go for it! Notice how you feel renewed after your day.

We only have one life….it’s time to take control of it and learn how to say “no, I’m not doing that today! Today is my day!”  Don’t you feel the freedom in that? Re-energize by fulfilling your passion today! So go on……enjoy your day!

Freedom is possible!


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