Have you wondered what your life would be like if you were living it with happiness and knowing what your purpose in life is? Think of the freedom you would feel!

Have you woken up and wondered why you are going to work at a job that you no longer like? Or, my children are grown…what’s next? Or, why am I in this toxic relationship when I know that I’m not happy? What do I want to do with the next chapter of my life? Well….the possibilities are endless! The super cool thing is that when you start asking these questions and wondering about “what’s next”, you’ve started your journey! So, congratulations! Where will you go next in your journey?

I was in what might be your situation about eight years ago. My husband got transferred out of state, my daughters were finishing college, then my husband got laid off. So, the questions were, find another job or retire, move back to my home state and then what am I going to do? It’s a scary and lost feeling. It’s also hard to figure out without guidance. Where do you go for help and guidance?

As you all know, I have the most amazing person to lean on and to look for support and guidance…my sister Cindy! But, I’m going to be honest…was I ready for the guidance? Heck no! Apparently I needed to flounder a little first! Everyone approaches their journey differently. Luckily I finally started to answer some of my questions, with the loving support and guidance of my sister.

I’ve learned so much from listening to Cindy’s podcasts, and reading her blogs and her book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom.

You may find that your journey takes you to unexpected places!



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