Principle #7 – Choose to be UNSTOPPABLE

So here you are at the end of the workday and you’re still working on a report that has to be finished before you can go home. And you’re struggling with completing it because you keep overthinking and editing it. Now you’re worried about the time because you still have to cook dinner when you get home and it’s getting late. Worry, worry, worry! I’m even worried and anxious now just writing about it! See how long it took me to go through the steps of an overthinker? Whew…exhausting!

Are you wondering how I know so much about overthinking? You guessed it…I’m an overthinker!

Here’s my experience of overthinking, just this week. The blogs that I write coincide with one of Cindy’s seven principles. I wrote an awesome blog at the beginning of the week. I made the mistake of diving into my head and I started worrying because I was writing about one of the principles that I recently wrote about. Should I publish another blog for the same principle so soon? Really…who cares? Then I was worried that my deadline was fast approaching, and I had no blog written. Worry, worry! Gosh…just stop…it gives me a headache!

Now I’m completely in overthinking mode and my heart is starting to race, and I can’t decide what to write about. Fast forward a day and then it hit me. Duh! I need to write about overthinking. So, here we are!

I read an interesting article about the link between introverts and overthinking. Introverts have a high level of brain activity. Even while resting, the introvert’s brain has a higher level of activity than an extrovert. Introverts are thinkers which may contribute to overthinking.

Being an overthinker can affect your stress level, sleep, appetite, and relationships. There are feelings of anxiousness…you know, the fast heartbeat and sweating hands. Maybe you feel that everything you do has to be perfect. So, you have to keep on editing your report until it’s perfect. This can lead to paralysis in decision making too. What if you make the wrong decision…so you never make one at all.

“Don’t think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t there to begin with.”  – Winnie the Pooh

The first step of overcoming worry and overthinking is being aware of your body reactions, rapid heartbeat, sweating hands, anxious feelings and the beginnings of a headache. Understand that you are overthinking. Take a break and distract yourself. Talk to yourself, I know, weird, but it works. Tell yourself to stop trying to be perfect…you did your best work and you’re done.

Recognizing the patterns of overthinking and letting go of having to make the perfect decision or, in my case, publishing my blog at the perfect time, is a huge step. Be compassionate with yourself as you work through your feelings of overthinking. I’m right there with you…we are a work in progress. This is a big step in our journey to peace and freedom. Don’t let it stop you, I’m not…choose to be unstoppable!

Freedom is possible!


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