Get Off Your Island Of Isolation!

The days are getting shorter and the leaves are starting to change.  It’s a beautiful time of year with many changes and transitions. You may be relocating for a job and have to find a new home. Or your children may have started school or college and you are wondering, now what? I understand! I raised two daughters and sent them off to college and also relocated several times when my husband was transferred throughout his career.

Change can be hard and can leave you with feelings of being alone or even scared and you want to hide by yourself on an island. The thing is it’s not healthy to stay too long on that island of yours. We need to connect and lean on people we trust.

 “Connecting with those you know, love, like and appreciate you restores the spirit and gives you energy to keep moving forward in this life.”
Deborah Day, Be Happy Now

I know these scenarios sound familiar: you go into a restaurant and the restaurant is empty so you are able to seat yourself. A group of people come in and sit at a table right next to you! Really?…there are twenty empty tables!! Or, you’re having a picnic and set your blanket out and guess what happens? Here comes someone walking by, within a foot of you! Um…..bubble!!!! It’s the weirdest thing!

Mental health experts tell us that humans are drawn to humans. In other words, people need people so they feel connected. Being around people gives us a sense of belonging and also gives the feeling that we are in this world together.

Now with this being said, not everyone likes to be around a lot of people. Extroverts love being surrounded with a lot of people. It feeds them! Introverts thrive in small groups. Big groups are exhausting. Now don’t get me wrong…all of us need to escape sometimes to our island. But if we stay too long on that island, we start to feel lonely and isolated. Everyone needs someone!

Get off your island and give a friend a call. You can make new friends by joining a book club. It’s free!! Or join an exercise class. My grandson and I bake breads together and share them with the neighbors. There are so many ways to connect. Connecting will lift your spirits! You will get so much joy. And also, you will bring joy to others when you share yourself. Amazing things happen when you connect with people!!

Freedom is possible!


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