Principle #3 – Discover What Juices You – And Pursue It!

It’s been a difficult couple of weeks, and my emotions got the best of me. There has been the stress of homeschooling, the pandemic, wildfires, hurricanes, and chaos from our leader. I wasn’t aware of how close I was to the edges of empathy and compassion. And instead of moving away from the edges, I fell over. So, I took a little time to climb back up to my happy place again. My goal is to be more aware of my emotions when I’m getting too close to the edge. I’m a work in progress! But I suppose we all are.

When we fall off the edge, as we all do, we become paralyzed and are unable to move forward to help ourselves or others. It’s like we are hanging in the dark abyss of sadness or maybe even depression.

As I was climbing back up, it became clear to me, again, that I can’t control everything. The only thing I can control is me. So, I started thinking about my life and where I fit into the world. In essence, I needed to reconnect with my North Star. This led me to Cindy’s website,, and the message, Freedom is Possible. It is…freedom really is possible…if we want it! And I do!!!

We have the freedom to be who we are meant to be…our purpose. And we have the freedom to achieve our purpose by doing what we love…our passion.

For example, my purpose is inspiring people to feel valued and accepted for who they are through positivity, empathy, and respect. I use my passion for giving to others and for creativity. I love landscaping, gardening, and crafting. I want people to feel special by surrounding them with beauty or giving them a scarf that I’ve crocheted. I also like to inspire by writing blogs. I want to help someone that may be struggling with emotions and difficult situations in their life. By sharing my story, I hope people won’t feel so alone.

Finding our purpose is so vital for our happiness and allows us to live our life to the fullest. When we don’t know what this is, we may feel like we are lost or spinning and merely existing. This can affect our physical and emotional well-being.

“You are not accidental. The world needs you. Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it.”- Rajneesh

Many people know what their purpose is through their careers like teachers, being in the medical field, and first responders. Our purpose may even change at different points of our life. Maybe your purpose used to be finding someone to love or having a family and raising children. You may have moved past those times in your life or maybe you’re retiring and are wondering, now what?

These questions may be helpful. Why are you here? How do you want to live your life? What gets you out of bed in the morning? What gets you excited? Maybe you want to inspire someone to laugh, or might you want to help people by finding a vaccine for COVID-19. Here’s an article that may help you find your purpose.

The next question is…how will you live your purpose? What passion or talent will you use to achieve your purpose? What do you love to do? What fills your wheelhouse?

“The true American dream not only provides the freedom to use your gifts and talents to achieve your highest goal but also gives you the freedom to fulfill your purpose in life. You are meant to work in ways that suit you, drawing on your natural talents and gifts. This work, when you find it and commit to it – even if only as a hobby – is the key to happiness.” – Dennis Kimbro

We all have a special place in the world and a purpose that is unique to us. What is yours? I want to make a difference by inspiring people to feel valued and accepted by using my passion for creativity through writing, landscaping, and crafting. How will you make a difference?

Happiness and freedom are possible when you find your true calling, and when you live your purpose. Why not start your journey to find your purpose so you can make a positive difference?

Freedom is possible!


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