Principle #5 – See Your Colleagues Bigger Than They See Themselves

This is a busy time of year. We’re decorating, shopping for the perfect gifts, and sending out Christmas cards…yes, some of us still send a few cards. These are added responsibilities to a woman’s long list of daily tasks. I don’t know how we do it…but we do. Sometimes we complain, but most of the time, we just get it done. Women are amazing!

Women have many roles…wife, partner, mom, daughter, and caregiver. Every day we get kids ready for school…in-person or remote…while getting ourselves ready for work. After work, we check that schoolwork is completed, make dinner, wash dishes, fold laundry, children’s baths, and even grocery shopping. Maybe there are a few minutes left in our day to spend on ourselves. We do all this because we can…it’s the way our brains are wired.

Women can efficiently manage stress. We are wired to nurture and to lead our lives with heart and compassion. We aren’t afraid to seek support from others. And in return, we support other women.

So, I ask, does this make women great leaders? I think so! Women build teamwork, ask questions, listen, and motivate others. Yet, why is it that we are slow to be recognized as equally capable?

I read a news article on about three female education leaders. And one of the leaders interviewed is Superintendent of Schools for Guilford County, North Carolina,  Dr. Sharon Contreras. That’s my county! She’s amazing! These women educators talk about how they are leading the schools in their counties during a pandemic. They are concerned with all children and their education while keeping them and staff safe and healthy. Not only are they educating children, but they are also instrumental in making sure their students are fed.

“It is the women who are the leaders in change and without their participation poverty can never be removed.” – Ela Bhatt

Another great woman leader was Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I’ve been reading her book, My Own Words. She was a fascinating woman, and she paved the way for women today. Her work has empowered women to reach for heights in women’s equality that have never been reached before. Women’s equality has been a long time coming to education and career opportunities. Women are finally being recognized for their leadership skills. Hopefully, equal pay will be the next issue we win.

Now, look at us…we have a woman vice-president-elect…Kamala Harris! Not only a woman but a woman of color! We are making progress! The November election has brought to the forefront many inspiring women. The November election has highlighted many inspiring women.

Stacey Abrams has made a big difference in Georgia. She created the nonprofit organization Fair Fight Action and was instrumental in registering over 800,000 black and white voters in Georgia. Her organization is trying to change voter suppression in the African American communities of Georgia. We have Stacey and her organization to thank for Biden’s win in Georgia. The voter turnout of first time and African American voters was record-breaking. She’s an inspiration and an incredible leader!

Also, I’m thrilled with  President-elect Biden’s cabinet nominations. There are many women and people of color in top leading positions. From White House advisors, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, Secretary of the Treasury, to the Ambassador to the United Nations, Biden is surrounding himself with capable women leaders. It’s an impressive list of diverse knowledgeable people, and I’m grateful that there will be compassion and normalcy to the federal government and the White House.

“Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.” – Margaret Thatcher

I think women’s lib is an old-fashioned term. Maybe women equality or women empowerment fit better. We can all help to continue the road to women’s equality by teaching our daughters and sons that everyone can be whoever they want to be. And everyone deserves respect, no matter their gender or the color of their skin.

Yes, women play many roles. We are smart and have valuable opinions and leadership abilities. Women are not just the heart of our families, but women are also the heart of our nation! Watch out…here we come! Let’s embrace our awesomeness and change the world!

Freedom is possible!


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