Principle #7 – Choose To Be Unstoppable! 

Cindy and I went to Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy seminar last fall. We wanted to learn how to share Cindy’s message of how to find and express your natural talents so you can make a difference in the world.

Cindy had been to Brendon’s seminars in the past, but I had not. So wasn’t I surprised when I walked into this huge room filled with 2500 people! The music was blaring, and people were jumping and dancing. Oh gosh, what had Cindy gotten me into! Then Brendon comes hopping out on stage, yes, he was hopping!  The atmosphere felt like a revival!

Brendon was an engaging speaker and knew how to capture an audience. We broke into small groups to complete assignments Brendon gave us and we met so many people. Everybody was so energetic, loving and helpful. I had never been in a super large group of people that made each other feel welcomed! It was so much fun!

We broke for lunch and met and chatted with people about what they wanted to share with the world. It was moving! We filed back into the room for the afternoon session and the music was blaring…. guess what I started doing? You’re right, I was dancing and jumping. Everyone’s happiness and energy were so contagious! I now wanted to be like them!

After we were dismissed at the end of our second day, Cindy says, “Deb, let’s do a Facebook Live!” I gave her the “deer in the headlights look” and told her, “Cin, I’m not like you, I have to think about what to say.” She told me, “You can do it Deb. You have two minutes to think about it”. So, after twenty seconds, seriously, she says, “okay, let’s do it”.

She turns Facebook Live on and here we go! Oh, I forgot to mention, she had no idea how to do a Facebook Live. But that didn’t deter her! The video went smoothly except for one thing. Somehow Cindy’s face had different face filters. The filter showed Cindy with a hat and mustache and then that would change to a headband and she was holding barbells. It looked like she was wearing costumes! It was hilarious! See for yourself,    

What amazes me about Cindy is the way she can laugh at herself, and when she wants to do something, she’s unstoppable!

I was thinking about the Facebook Live recording and it dawned on me how many principles Cindy used in that three minutes. She used fun, her passion of sharing what we learned in the seminar, learning how to do a Facebook Live, seeing me bigger than I see myself, moved into action, and chose to be unstoppable. That is six of her seven principles…in three minutes! Wow!

So, I ask you…are you living your passion and values?

If you’re not, what’s stopping you? Find out what your values are and embrace that they are your authentic self and live them through your thoughts and actions. Being self-aware of your actions will help lead you to a life of living your values and ultimately a happier life. Choose to be unstoppable in finding your values and living them, like Cindy lives hers.

Give the gift of freedom and grab a copy for yourself;  read about Cindy’s journey of how she found her values in her book, Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom.

Freedom is possible!

Happy Holidays!


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