Principle #7 – Choose to be Unstoppable and Embrace Your Fears

Many of us shy away from showing our vulnerabilities. We’re fearful of being seen as weak or not confident. It’s been ingrained in us that we need to always be strong. It actually takes courage to be vulnerable.

Several years ago, Cindy, my awesome sister, told me she had enrolled in a writing course because she would write a book, maybe a memoir. I remember when we were growing up, Cindy was a confident and independent little girl. She was full of determination to achieve whatever goal she set for herself. I admired my big sister for her courage and confidence and have always seen her as bigger than life. I wanted to be just like her, but I was shy and lacked confidence. So, I settled for watching her and learning everything I could from her. Anyway, she has carried this determination into her adult life, so I had no doubt that she would write her book.

During our weekly calls, I would ask her how the book was coming along. She was excited and would tell me how many chapters she wrote and what they were about. After a while, we stopped talking about the book. She mentioned that she had stopped writing and didn’t know if she would finish her book.

After a few months, I asked her why she stopped writing. She said she was afraid her book wouldn’t be good enough. What happens if a publisher doesn’t like it? Why would anyone want to read about me? And it’s deeply personal. Do I really want to share my heart and soul with the world? I encouraged her to keep writing and finish because she had to teach people how to live a peaceful and happy life.

“Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable. Be honest and transparent anyway.”
– Mother Teresa

A year later, Cindy mentioned that she was writing again. She was excited and still a little afraid, but she was ready to finish her book and get her message out into the world. When she finished her manuscript, she asked if I would read it. To get my feedback and also to make sure the childhood facts were how I remembered them too. I felt so touched that she respected my opinion, and I felt honored that she shared her most intimate feelings with me.

Her book dives deeply into Cindy’s life and her vulnerabilities. She shared her journey of love, forgiveness, failures, and successes. We tend to hide behind a mask of confidence. It’s hard to expose our fear and fragility to others. It’s not a sign of weakness; it’s a sign of strength. We can overcome our fears and shift our thinking when we embrace our vulnerabilities.

“We can only experience the true beauty of vulnerability when we’re courageous enough to crack open the fractures in our mask and allow the light to shine in.” – Alicya Perreault, author

Cindy finished her book in 2018. I remember holding her book and feeling my heart overflow with love and pride. Dana, Cindy’s partner, asked me, you didn’t know your sister was this amazing, did you? I told her I knew Cindy was amazing my whole life. I didn’t think she made this much difference in the world, though. I was totally in awe!

It was a joy to watch Cindy’s journey as she wrote her book. I learned a lot about the process of writing and publishing a book. But my favorite memory was her pride in achieving her goal. She put her heart and soul in her book, and I’m grateful Cindy chose to share it with all of us. I’m also thankful for the deep bond we share, not just as sisters but as friends and allies.

If you haven’t read Jungle: A Journey to Peace, Purpose, and Freedom, I encourage you to read or listen to it. Everyone has life challenges, but we may not know how to overcome them. We can find inspiration in reading about another’s journey to finding peace and happiness.

Let’s learn how to be courageous, like Cindy. Choose to be unstoppable and dare to be authentic in your vulnerabilities and uncertainties. These are emotions that teach us how to become strong and resilient.

Freedom is possible!


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